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Our Mission Statement

SmartSTEMs provides equal access to inspire and realise the full potential of future generations, facilitate cost effective collaboration with industry and education to develop the next generation of talent and create and maintain inclusive and open partnerships to deliver social value and opportunity.

Our model is scalable and replicable and delivered through our intertwined initiatives of hub events and outreach:

  • Hub Events are held in tertiary education establishments, by territory, where we convene industry and schools to apply the SmartSTEMs glue and get the good people of Scotland connected and collaborating to best effect.
  • Outreach is delivered in Schools & Clubs affording STEM activities locally & ongoing.


  • 6th March 2019 – Edinburgh College, Midlothian Campus

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“We’d like to thank…”

We are both humbled and honoured to pick up several awards in recent years. For more information, please visit our Awards page.

Our Lead Sponsors

At EDF Energy we know that if Scotland is to address the energy challenges of the future it needs to have a workforce with strong skills in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

That is why, as well as being Scotland’s largest generator of low carbon electricity, we are also investing in the next generation of Scottish minds.

We want to challenge perceptions and see people from a bigger variety of backgrounds take up STEM studies and careers. It is this shared vision that that makes us so excited to be powering SmartSTEMs.

This new partnership is part of our wider commitment to education. Each year we welcome thousands of schools children through the doors of our visitor centres at Hunterston B and Torness where our guides talk them through how electricity is made before taking them on a tour of the power station.

Hundreds of Scottish schools are registered with our online education programme, The Pod and we run the Pretty Curious campaign which encourages girls to consider STEM subjects and careers. At the end of last year we welcomed more than 350 girls to a series of hands-on workshops in Edinburgh where they were able to hear from female STEM role models and get creative with technology.

EDF Energy is proud to be working with SmartSTEMs and hope that the events over the next few months will inspire hundreds more girls to consider pursuing a career in science, technology, engineering or maths.

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