We are living in uncertain times, but this we know for sure:


The team at SmartSTEMs are determined to continue to promote STEM, and have shifted our focus, in the meantime, to online content.

If ever we needed your support, it is now.

Please let us know if you can help!

We are looking to create a series of online resources which will be freely available to young people and their families via accessible links. We have mapped out some of our ideas below but we are open to your suggestions!

  • Share Your Journey – SmartSTEMs is aiming to create a series of short videos showcasing the various career paths that can lead to a job in STEM.
  • Online AdvocateLet’s share and collaborate online by engaging with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn #CollabIsKey.
  • Snapshot of your career – We would love for you to film a short video – no more than 5 minutes – about your job this will create an archive of epic short videos about STEM careers in 2020 – who knows what the future of STEM will hold.

Online roles we need help with

Share Your JourneyOnline AdvocateSnapshot of Your CareerOther

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